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We have been writing instructions over the last couple of weeks.

Below are some instructions but the title and introduction section is missing.

Can you read the instructions and work out what the title and introduction should be?

What you need: 
Two shoes with laces.
What you do:
First, take one end of the lace in each hand and make an X. Draw the top lace through the bottom of the X and pull the two laces tight. Then make a loop out of each lace. 
After that, cross one ‘ear’ over the other, in the opposite order of your overhand knot.
Then, make ‘the bunny run around the tree’ by bending one loop over the other.
Finally, pass the tip of the bent ear through the hole (‘the bunny sees a dog and jumps in the hole’). 
Final note:
For extra security, you can double the knot by making another overhand knot with the loops.


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