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Curious Question Day…

On Monday, The Lions and The Penguins enjoyed two sessions exploring the following questions generated by, and voted for, by the two classes:

Do aliens exist?
2015-03-30 13.36.48 2015-03-30 14.04.36 2015-03-30 14.05.08 2015-03-30 14.05.53 2015-03-30 14.34.18 2015-03-30 14.35.00 2015-03-30 14.39.37 2015-03-30 14.40.17
Which dinosaur has the strongest bite?
What are the top five strongest living animal bites?
IMG_0308IMG_0310IMG_0307   IMG_0321 IMG_0322 IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332
What did you find out?  Has your curiosity been satisfied or generated more questions still?


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