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Remembrance Day 2014…


Today we held a special service for Remembrance Day.  Eight children represented Year Two as flag bearers at the beginning and end of the service.

As part of our learning we made tissue paper poppies which are now displayed in our classrooms.


Try writing an acrostic poem for ‘POPPY’.  I’ve had a go!

Poppies for remembrance,
On this day and beyond.
People sought and fought for peace.
People gave their lives.
Yesterday’s heroes not forgotten.
By Mrs Richley


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One Response to “Remembrance Day 2014…”

  1. Thomas Callander says:

    I was a flag bearer. It was really fun because I could sit down instead of standing up all the time.

    TRENCH (mummy helped a bit)
    Together they fought,
    Rats were at their feet,
    Eating their boots.
    ‘Nothing could be worse’
    Cried out the soldier.
    Home was where their hearts were.