Sandgate Year 2 Blog

Join the Panthers and Snow Leopards on their learning journey…

M and M Football Club

Lots of Year Two enjoyed a new lunchtime football club today.

What great exercise, teamwork and sportsmanship from all children who took part!


We’ll be sending our recipes to Granny, our scones were delicious!

We chose toppings from a choice of butter, strawberry jam and cream.

Scrumptious Scones…

We think they look scrumptious.  Granny will be pleased that we have saved her recipe!

We re-enacted scenes from Scutari Hospital during The Crimean War.  We followed Florence’s lead and helped to clean up the hospital and improve the care for the injured soldiers.


We also made lamps as Florence was known as ‘The Lady of the Lamp’.  She cared for the soldiers through the night with her lamp to guide her.


Forgetful Grandma!

Poor Grandma has forgotten how to make her Scrumptious Scones!  Luckily we could use her picture version to re-write them for her.  We’re going to test out the recipe next week before we give it to her!

Strange happenings…

Today we discovered something unusual during a Spring walk in the school grounds.  The clues suggest that Little Red Riding Hood has been here at school and has, perhaps, been frightened away by the Big Bad Wolf.

We let Mr Green know straight away and then listened to one version of the traditional tale that has been told for many years.

We then thought about the main events of the story and the messages we can learn from it.

In Year 2 today we were challenged to make some 3D shapes. We have been learning about flat faces, curved surfaces, edges, vertices and shape names…..but could we use this knowledge to build successfully?

Sewing Club Creations!

We have loved making our Tooth Fairy pockets in Sewing Club.  Who will lose a tooth first?!

Suffix Challenge!

Today we played and made our own suffix loop game to practise

the suffixes we have learnt so far this year.

It was a challenge but great fun too!

TT Rockstar Launch

Today the children were introduced to TT Rockstars and given their log ins. They chose avatars, rock names and had a go. Completing 5 Garage sessions a week will become part of their home learning so we are going to have a few sessions at school first. The children will be focussing on multiplication and division of 2, 5 and 10.

Here are a few photos from the launch….