Sandgate Year 2 Blog

Join the Panthers and Snow Leopards on their learning journey…


We have now started to create algorithms on the Ipads and Beebots; we’ve even made our own maps to test them out!

Super Spellings!

We’ve had fun learning about the ‘s’ sound spelt with a ‘c’.  We loved playing Full Circle and making different words in our teams!

Marvellous Maths!

We have practised our place value skills by making, drawing and writing numbers up to 100!


Last week we went outside to ‘Dave’s Town’ and gave and followed verbal and written instructions to get from once location to another.

We used simplified instructions to make it quicker and easier to follow.

Super Scientists!

Today we started our Science topic about Materials.  We sorted materials in the classroom to remind us of some of the learning we’d temporarily forgotten from Year One!

Dogger Bread!

We enjoyed making Dogger bread for our teddy bear picnic last week.  What a tasty treat!

Making Music!

We enjoyed some African drumming! It sounded great!

Ball Skills…

We have fun with M and M Sports today practising ball skills.  We warmed up, tested our reactions and played a fun pirate game to improve our aiming skills.

They’re back…

You will soon be receiving your new Values Sticker Album…same values, different representatives!

Which stickers will you aim for first?

What a great first day back at school….super manners, great determination and lots of smiles!

Here’s to Year Two!