Happy Mother’s Day…

Don’t forget to see your special mention this week’s KM Express Folkestone and Hythe!


Our new Sandgate Primary Art Exhibition Space is up in the main corridor, leading off from the School Reception area and it looks amazing already! The idea of the ‘space’ is to celebrate a range of the finished art that children have enjoyed taking part in around the school from Foundation stage to Year 6.  We will be regularly updating this area and displaying new new art work; including ceramics, sewing, sculpture, felt art, drawings, paintings, etchings  and other inspiring creations.

Each child whose 2D works have been chosen has written a little about the drawings and paintings they have produced, describing what inspired them, which artist influenced their work and what skills they were developing and so on. These descriptions have been typed up and are displayed next to each art work.

We know you will enjoy viewing these. With Parents’ evenings approaching, this is an ideal for time for you to enjoy viewing this sample of the wonderfully imaginative work the children have recently created. We congratulate the children whose works have been chosen for the first exhibition:

Isaac (Armadillos), Scarlett (Wolves), Niamh (Meerkats), Tom (Monkeys), Ryan  (Wolves), Ethan (Armadillos), Nyla (Giraffes),

Theo (Armadillos), Molly (Koalas), Eve (Kangaroos), Peter (Giraffes), Ali (Armadillos), Issi (Armadillos), Victoria (Rhinos),

Garrett (Rhinos), Elliot (Wolves), Alannah (Wolves), Praveen (Meerkats), Juliet (Monkeys), Amelia (Monkeys).

A couple of examples of what our resident artists have said about the inspirations for their art pieces:

‘I used shading, smudging and observation skills. I was inspired by WW2 and we used charcoal because of the black out.’(Isaac) 

‘It was really difficult to make a white piece of paper so dark, it took a lot of hard work.  It took a lot of patience to make my picture in the style used by Paul Nash.’  (Alannah)

Why does Ms Wright wear sunglasses?

Because her class is so bright!

We are supporting Comic Relief on Friday this week.  Remember your donation and to wear a red accessory!

Can you share a joke for Red Nose Day?

Super Shapes!

This week in Maths we have be learning about 2d shapes and their properties.

How many different shapes can you find in the picture below?

Maths Learning Together

What an excellent turn out for our maths learning together event today. Thanks to the everyone, for helping us to make, draw, write and invent our money word problems. 

Science Week 2017!

To celebrate Science Week 2017 we have been experimenting and thinking about the focus theme of ‘Change’.  We observed and investigated what happened when we mixed and added things to liquids.  Look below to see what happened!

You can try these at home.  A booklet with all of the instructions will be coming home with you soon!

Thank you to our Lead Scientists this week!


Funny Bones!

In Science this week we have been thinking about the human body: its skeleton; the five senses and what it needs to survive.

How many bones can you name in the human body?

Rocksteady Workshop…

This week we have enjoyed a workshop with Rufus from Rocksteady.

We identified and played the beat in a piece of music and pretended we were at a concert in the audience!

Are you ready to rock?

World Book Day dress up fun…

Don’t we look fantastic?!

How many characters can you recognise?

Art Masterclass…

…with Mrs Miller.

The children are really enjoying their art classes with Mrs Miller this term.  They are looking at the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his preliminary sketches for his painting ‘Starry Night’.

This week, the children have been trying to identify each element of the sketch amongst the business of the picture.

Here’s some of their sketches so far…