Sports Day is fast approaching…

Wednesday 21st June


  • your full PE kit
  • water
  • sunhat and sun cream (if the weather looks good!).

Religions of the World…


In RE this week, we have been learning about the origins of one of the world’s oldest religions.

Can you remember which religion this is the symbol for?

Revolting Recipes!

We are enjoying our revoltingly descriptive writing following reading The Rascally Cake!

Be careful if any Year Two children offer you cake…you might regret it!

The winner is……..Mars Bar!!

Today we had our own election. We learnt about democracy and our voting system.

The children generated the names of some of their favourite chocolate bars. We then voted on our favourite one that the whole class would then try.

We each had 1 vote each and understood that it was our right to have our own opinion. We looked at what majority means and that we may not be pleased with the result but we knew that it has been selected fairly.

What would you have voted for??

Fruits of the World…

Today we have begun learning about different fruits and where they are grown.  Some travel a long way to get to our mouths!  Which fruit was your favourite?

Keeping Safe in the Home….

In PSHE we have been learning about keeping ourselves safe.  This week we thought about safety in the home and searched for and found hazards we may find in our own houses.

What should you do if you notice something unsafe in your home?

Around the World in Two Weeks!

We are having lots of fun learning about the world with Mrs Hunt, Mrs Miller and Miss Ralph…we’ve even got our own passports and have begun travelling to different countries and continents!  Where have you been so far?

Bringing History to Life…

Wow, we had a visit from Florence Nightingale this week!  She took us back in time to the Crimean War where we helped wounded soldiers in Scutari Hospital.  Florence helped us to make lamps for our night time rounds and trained us to give the correct medicines and bandaging.  We also helped to clean up the filthy hospital to create a more hygienic environment for the soldiers to recover in.  Such exhausting yet rewarding work for us all!


If music be the food of love….

Today we have enjoyed our Shakespeare enrichment day. We have read the play ‘Twelfth Night’, enjoyed drawing the characters, learnt about comedies and tragedies and have done some Tudor dancing.

Here are some of our moves that we learnt to the tune of Greensleeves.



As part of our RE learning this term we have been thinking about ‘forgiveness’.  We freeze framed situations from our own lives where we may have asked for or offered forgiveness.

Which story from the bible did we read which teaches Christians about forgiveness?