Sandgate Year 2 Blog

Join the Panthers and Snow Leopards on their learning journey…

Firework Art!

We enjoyed linking Art and History last week when we made firework poem pictures!

Here’s the finished products!

…you’ll get quite soggy!

Well done Year Two for being so resilient in the less than dry woods today.  It was very wet and we had to come back to school sooner than planned but we still had a fun time in Poulton Wood!

Try to take your family there on a dry day soon!


Rehearsing our Model Text!

We have had great fun practising retelling our non-fiction recount text.  We have practised boys versus girls, in pairs and using Babble Gabble!

Growing Bean Plants!

This week we have set up class investigations and started to grow bean plants of our own!  What do you predict will happen to the beans in the different places and conditions?

Magic Spelling Machines!

This week we have been making plurals for words ending in ‘y’.  Our magic spelling machines worked a treat!

Year Two Mission!

Today, we received an envelope labelled ‘Year Two Mission’.  We had to follow clues to find our final destination which was in ‘Middle Earth’!  In Middle Earth we found barbecues and marshmallows to toast and roasted pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and sugar!  Yummy!

Super Subtraction!

This week we are learning about regrouping, or exchanging, in our Maths learning about subtraction.  We used the ‘Make it’ approach today to practise seeing what happens when we regroup a ten for ones.


This term we are enjoying Gymnastics on Monday with High Five Sports.  In our first session we impressed Andy and Josh with our pikes, straddles, tucks and balances.

Enjoy the break…


Reading Superstars!

Well done to our Term One Reading Superstars!